Vat Pak Khan Restoration

At the very tip of the historic Peninsula in Luang Prabang lies the centuries old and important temple of Vat Pak Khan. Founded in in the mid-1700's by traders on the Mekong River, who would stop at the welcoming confluence of the Mekong and Khan rivers, the temple has risen to importance in the culture of the town. It is the home of our esteemed abbot Pha One Keo Sitthivong.

Alas, centuries of neglect, in spite of several intermediate renovations, left the temple and in particular the living quarters, or Khutis, of the monks and novices, in very poor condition, while the bathing facilities had become woeful.

As it's first endeavor into major historic restoration restoration work, the Buddhist Heritage Project began extensive restoration and the construction of new buildings in 2011. The works were funded by the Badur Foundation of London. In collaboration with with staff from the UNESCO World Heritage office, particular attention was paid to conforming with traditional elements and the use of traditional materials.

The result (which can bee seen in some of the photos below) was the complete restoration of the Sim, including the stunning interior gold stencil work; the construction of new, clean and comfortable accommodations for the monks and novices, the construction of new sanitary and bathing facilities, and complete renewal of the landscaping. Upon completion a major ceremony was held to commemorate the work.