Research Publications

The Buddhist Archive of Photography, now the Buddhist Archives of Luang Prabang, is an important international research institution on Luang Prabang Buddhism, the town's history in general and indeed on the Lao nation. As such it has developed a philosophy of publishing in an effort to broaden the understanding if its work and provide wide-ranging educational tools for local and international scholars and students.

A number of the publications have been prepared in conjunction with the National Library of Laos in the capital, Vientiane, while most have been co-published with Anantha Publishing.

Titles range from "Treasures of the Buddhist Archive of Photography"; "The Great Monks of Luang Prabang" to the forthcoming "The Lao Sangha and Modernity", the latter already being hailed as the most important book in recent memory on the history, culture and personalities of Luang Prabang's unique Theravada Buddhism.

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