Mission Statement

The Buddhist Heritage Project is an outreach programme of the Buddhist Sangha of Luang Prabang (The Lao Buddhist Fellowship of the Province of Luang Prabang). We have elaborated a clear Mission Statement and Code of Conduct:

  • We support the Sangha in its effort to enhance the educational opportunities available to monks, nuns, novices and other young Lao through construction of a Buddhist Academy of higher education, through the establishment of scholarships and through the publication and distribution of relevant books.
  • We help the Sangha in its effort to reduce poverty among rural communities and provide clean safe living conditions for the monks, nuns and novices at the temples.
  • We provide support to the Buddhist community in their efforts to preserve the rare rituals and ceremonies that are unique to Luang Prabang, and to aid them in the recapture and re-establishment of those traditions that have been lost.
  • We engage in the active restoration and preservation of historically and architecturally important temples and Buddhist sites in and around Luang Prabang, under the guidance of the UNESCO World Heritage Department of the Province of Luang Prabang.
  • Through the development of environmentally sound and sustainable practices at several temple sites we develop replicable systems for the provision of clean drinking water and the management of liquid and solid waste.

In our pursuit of these goals we will always:

  • See that projects sustained by us work with the relevant agencies of the Lao Government and abide by the Lao government’s regulations for NGOs. Our aim is to give and organize philanthropic help without any commercial interest.
  • Closely follow traditional Buddhist and Lao ways of giving, or try to adapt these ways to new situations following the traditions.
  • Take a non-invasive approach, respecting the local community and their ideas rather than attempting to impose our own.
  • Be certain that our activities are the result of communication with and involvement of those local communities.

In order to expand the national skills base in a multi-disciplinary manner, we always engage Lao nationals in every element of every project; Architecture, Education, Technology, Historic Preservation, Museum Studies, Cultural and Artistic pursuits and others.