In our planning of the Arts School at the Buddhist Academy, we have been acutely aware of the fact that we also needed to provide a well-equipped workshop in town, to which graduating student could come and create objects.

The Workshop, conveniently close to CELADON and our offices, offers these young graduates a space in which they can produce saleable objects, sold through CELADON or others if they wish.

The goal of poverty reduction and teaching marketable skills to the students has always been one of the principal focusses of the School of Arts.

Please scroll through the photos below for a view of the Workshop.

  • Senior staff technician welding a handmade gong stand for sale in CELADON

  • Novices using one of the workshop’s new saws practice their skills on the equipment

  • Our staff member showing the novices the use of a sanding machine.

  • Our senior technician teaching a novice how to make a gong stand.

  • Many items in the workshop are handmade, including this Logo designed key ring tag.

  • Our staff member finishing a silk runner or gong hanger in fine local hardwood.

  • Expanding our skills and with a view to vocational activities, we create picture frames